Batman meets Space Ghost in new Brave and the Bold

The meeting of heroes Batman and Space Ghost… who could ever imagine that it would happen in our lifetime? In “Bold Beginnings!” that’s just what happens!

Here’s a run down via the wiki page on the remaining Batman Brave and the Bold episodes:

# Title Directed by Writen by Original air date Production
61 9 Bold Beginnings! Ben Jones Alan Burnett & Paul Dini & Steven Melching United States June 25, 2011 (iTunes)
United Kingdom August 2, 2011
309 S03E09
Teaser: Batman and Space Ghost team up to save Jan, Jace, and Blip from Creature King.
Main Plot: When Green Arrow, Plastic Man, and Aquaman are captured by Mr. Freeze, they reminisce about the early days of their careers when they first worked with Batman against the Cavalier and Ruby Ryder, Baby-Face and his crew, and Black Manta.
62 10 Powerless! Michael Goguen Greg Weisman & Todd Casey & Kevin Hopps United Kingdom August 5, 2011 310[8] S03E12
Teaser: The Jokers of All Nations gatecrash the headquarters of the Batmen of All Nations in a bid to destroy them all.
Main Plot: Captain Atom, the newest member of the Justice League International, is drained of his powers when the team takes on his old enemy Major Force. As the League try to stop the villain’s rampage, Captain Atom struggles to fit in without powers.
63 11 Mitefall! Ben Jones Paul Dini United Kingdom August 4, 2011 311[8] S03E11
Teaser: In the year 1865, in parallel universe 5501, Batman helps foil an assassination attempt on the life of Abraham Lincoln by a steampunk armored John Wilkes Booth.
Main Plot: Bat-Mite has grown weary of Batman: The Brave and the Bold, deeming its formula to be tired and repetitive, so he concocts a scheme to make it so bad that the network will have to cancel the show to make way for a darker one. Can the Ambush Bug and Aquaman stop him? 
64 12 Crisis: 22,300 Miles Above Earth! Michael Goguen Steven Melching United Kingdom August 3, 2011 312[8] S03E10
Teaser: The Joker, the Penguin, Grodd, Kite Man, Black Manta, Two-Face, Gentleman Ghost, Mr. Freeze, Riddler, Poison Ivy, Clock King, and Solomon Grundy conduct a roast ofBatman, and Jeffrey Ross is brought in as the star guest, but he distracts the villains while Batman escapes from the death trap, leaving the Dark Knight free to take down his enemies.
Main Plot: The Justice League International host a party on the Watchtower for themselves and the Justice Society of America, but the two teams fail to get along and a brawl breaks out. Meanwhile, Batman attempts to stop Ra’s al Ghul’s latest scheme but runs into trouble.
65 13 Four Star Spectacular! Ben Jones N/A United Kingdom August 8, 2011 313[8] S03E13
A compilation of four short stories, Batman appears as a cameo and a secondary character in all shorts:
Adam Strange in Worlds War – Having picked up an anniversary gift for Alanna on Earth, Adam Strange spots that the zeta beams are firing everywhere in erratic fashion, and learns that Kanjar Ro, who is attempting to destroy Rann and take over the universe, is responsible.
Flash in Double Jeopardy – After saving him from Captain Boomerang, Flash tells Batman about an encounter he just had with Mirror Master and Abra Kadabra.
‘Mazing Man in Kitty Catastrophe – ‘Mazing Man cat-sits for a couple while they are out, but inadvertantly causes extreme damage to their home.
The Creature Commandos in The War That Time Forgot – The Creature Commandos go to Dinosaur Island to investigate the disappearances of some of the Allies, including Batman, and end up confronting the brains behind the plan: the Ultra-Humanite.

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