Doctor Who – Day of the Daleks special edition trailer

The trailer for this special edition was released last year but somehow escaped my notice until I read a comment on the 3-part Revisitations 2 review over at In case it missed the attention of any of my readers, I am posting this.

Day of the Daleks was the triumphant return of the devilish pepper-pots after a four yeare during which Terry Nation failed to sell his creations overseas.

Day of the Daleks is rarely mentioned as a favorite Doctor Who story or even a favorite Dalek story (though I quite like it), causing many to wonder why it is receiving the five star treatment with new special effects and enhanced Dalek voices. One glance at the trailer spotlighting the hard work that 2entertain have accomplished should put those queries to rest. A so-so story now looks magnificent.

Day of the Daleks – Special Edition
Starring Jon Pertwee as the Doctor
Day of the Daleks by Guy Leopold is a time travel story in which events from the future are trapped in a loop with the past creating a paradox leading to a dark world where Earth is ruled by the Daleks. This story was produced without Terry Nation’s approval as Terrance Dicks and Barry Letts had not thought to ask the writer for his permission and just thought that a series opener with the Daleks would be fun.

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Extra features
Blasting Past Documentary
Blue Peter
Cheating Memory; Documentary
Nationwide – Win a Dalek
UNIT: Dating Conundrum
View from the Gallery

Doctor Who – Day of the Daleks special edition is scheduled for release later in the year, based on the current schedule possibly Summer.


2 thoughts on “Doctor Who – Day of the Daleks special edition trailer

  1. While it is not the most celebrated story, I have not read many harsh reviews of Day of the Daleks.

    Most fans acknowlege it is a good, if imperfect serial.

    I think the reason for the amabivalent feelings is that the story has two key aspects. On the one hand it tries to do something very different to other stories of that era and on the other it gives us the return of the Daleks after a long hiatus.

    Day of the Daleks succeeds at being an original story which stands out from the predictability of the Pertwee era, yet it fails as a return for the Daleks. The Daleks really aren’t very impressive in this story and the fight between UNIT and the Daleks is a real letdown.

    What impresses me and many other fans most about this story is the uncanny resemblance to the Terminator movie.


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