Doctor Who and the Reign of Terror announced for DVD release

Via ATV Today:
Doctor WhoThe Doctor Who Newspage are reporting that 2 Entertain have confirmed the incomplete William Hartnell story The Reign of Terror is to be released on DVD next year. The 1964 story features the original cast (William Hartnell, William Russell, Jacqueline Hill and Carol Ann Ford) and is set during the French Revolution. Because of the BBC’s wiping policy of the 1970s the story, like other Doctor Who stories (and other television programmes of the time on BBC and ITV) is incomplete in the archives. The Reign of Terror is missing two episodes; four and five.

It will be only the second time that an incomplete Doctor Who story will have been released on DVD. In 2006 the Patrick Troughton story The Invasion was released with its missing episodes re-created in animation form with the original soundtracks from the absent episodes. The release of The Invasion proved popular with fans, especially the animated episodes, and raised hopes that other incomplete serials would be released in the same format. However, five years on and no further stories have been given the same treatment perhaps owing to the costs involved.

It is unclear whether or not The Reign of Terror will be given the same treatment as The Invasion or whether it will be released with just the four remaining episodes.

The final adventure from the first year of Doctor Who, the Reign of Terror is set in one of the most tumultuous and violent periods of history, the French Revolution. Written by veteran scribe Dennis Spooner (script editor and author of the Romans and The Time Meddler), the story is considered by many to be a classic of the original Doctor Who program and a spectacular example of the historical adventure.

During the purge of the BBC Archives, episodes 4 and 5 were destroyed and have yet to surface. According to the 2entertain twitter feed, the forthcoming DVD release will present this classic serial “‘as complete as can realistically be achieved.”

Doctor Who and the Reign of Terror is currently scheduled for release sometime in 2012. More as it comes…


5 thoughts on “Doctor Who and the Reign of Terror announced for DVD release

  1. I am not sure I fancy watching more telesnaps.

    The reconstruction on the video release of The Ice Warriors was terrible. I did not enjoy that at all.

    I do hope they do go for animation.


  2. I hope for animation as well…

    IF they don’t go for animation… I will again scratch my head if they release an incomplete story before releasing all of the remaining complete stories.


  3. There are a few animators out there who have been working like mad to fill in the blanks in these incomplete stories (for free). Perhaps they could be of help in the DVD releases of stories with missing episodes.


    • well, crumbs. I left a comment on that animator’s test clip:

      Reign of Terror is set for DVD release… maybe you should contact 2entertain about animating missing episodes. With a little more polish, I think you could make the cut!

      zebramag 1 hour ago

      @zebramag Hi there. I did. And my skills are much higher today. I have worked on a number of the DVD’s since then, but there is no interest is missing animations.


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