Peter Davison Video – Opening Ceremonies Gallifrey 22

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Taking a moment out of his backstage time at Legally Blonde, Peter Davison records a video for the attendants of the Doctor Who convention Gallifrey 22 only to discover that he has misjudged the date and instead of a week has less than an hour to catch a flight to Los Angeles in the United States.

Missing his plane, he is plagued by vision of his former costars (in sharp contrast to his regeneration scene in Caves of Androzani) who give him grief throughout his long cab ride home. Sarah Sutton, who played Nyssa in numerous adventures, pleads “Is it too late to call Colin Baker?” in Davison’s imagination, further adding to his depression.

Of course former Doctor and son-in-law to Davison, David Tennant, also appears in the short as an angry passenger in the cab. The entire affair ends with Davison finding himself in front of the answer to all of his problems, the newly opened Doctor Who Experience.

Lovely stuff.

The Doctor (Peter Davison) - 1982

Regarded by many Whovians of my generation as a pivotal Doctor, Peter Davison has continued to act as a touchstone to the program’s past. It is heartening to see the actor embrace his cult celebrity status along with a flair for comedy, something that he has much experience in from his time on stage in Monty Python’s Spamalot. As the Doctor, Davison was restricted from injected any humor thanks to producer John Nathan Turner who sought to remove what he thought of over-the-top sophomoric comedy that reigned supreme in the Tom Baker/Graham Williams era.

Currently there are only four stories remaining to be released on DVD from Davison’s time as the Fifth Doctor. Kinda and Snakedance are scheduled as a box set for release next month while Frontios, the Awakening and a special edition of Resurrection of the Daleks with more features and material will also be released later this year.


6 thoughts on “Peter Davison Video – Opening Ceremonies Gallifrey 22

  1. I’ve said it many times before… Peter Davison is still my favorite new and old… and I don’t know that it is just because of him being the first Doctor I ever saw, though it surely played a part.

    Whenever I see him like this (in the linked video) it makes me want to see him in other things, because he does seem like he brings a lot to the job when he is in a comedic role even moreso than dramatic.


      • I pretty much agree with Matthew on Davison’s performance. I can;t help but think that he was hampered by JNT from injected any personality into the part in series 19 and grew more confident in his following years. He really shines in series 21, for instance.


  2. I just learned a few hours ago that the Nicholas Courtney who played the Bridgiader passed away. I thought you would want to know if you have not heard already. It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on the matter.


    • Yes, I just heard earlier this morning. Very sad news. A lovely gent and a true supporter of the Doctor Who series and concept. I’ll have to draft up an article later today.

      In general, I try to steer away from writing memoriams (comic book and animation scribe Dwayne McDuffie also recently passed) as it only makes it more startling and sad how many people die every day, but in this case I plan to make an exception.


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