Resurrection of the Daleks action figure scene recreation

‘Batmanmarch’ as he is known has been creating excellent original Doctor Who adventures using only action figures as his actors. With the entire gamut of monsters and classic Doctors 1-8, the possibilities are only limited by the young creator’s imagination which appears to be endless!

In addition to his original material and reviews (that I always check before purchasing any new Who merch), he has also used his act6ion figures to recreate classic scenes from the original Doctor Who series.

Below is a recreation of a stirring moment between the Doctor and the creator of the Daleks, Davros, from the 1983 adventure Resurrection of the Daleks (image for reference above). At this point in the series, the Doctor had mainly searched for a path of peace and understanding, despising violence as a solution to a difficult situation. After losing a companion to the Cybermen and witnessing the destructive power of the Silurians, the Doctor has come to the realization that while he may strive for a peaceful resolution, the universe does not operate by the same rules. Exhausting his options, he decides to kill Davros and end the threat of the Daleks forever.

You can of course see this classic moment on DVD, or below as recreated by the Character Options series figures (and a Bruce Wayne Kenner figure from Batman Returns hiding in the background!).

The season 21 Fifth Doctor variant, Davros, Supreme Dalek and Soldier Dalek have been released as a special limited edition set from Underground Toys. It’s a superb set that I highly recommend and will review shortly.

Click on the image to order the Resurrection of the Daleks set in the UK

Order in the US from MikesComics (and be sure to mention this article!). They have the best prices around and are also incredibly knowledgeable and courteous to boot!


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