Orac loves you

From Blake’s 7, Orac is the most advanced computer ever developed. It is also one of those amazing BBC props that is actually a plastic box full of christmas tree lights. Irascible and egocentric, Orac decided what tasks were worthy of its time rather than taking on each request that was given to it. Capable of complex calculations and communicating/hacking various artificial intelligences and computer systems, there seemed to be little that Orac could not do… he just chose to ignore what it was told to do.

More often than not, characters simply removed the control key and turned the thing off.

This is a rare moment when Orac apparently lets his pent up emotions run wild.


One thought on “Orac loves you

  1. Forget iPads and tablet computers – everyone wants an ORAC. The only problem is you need someone to carry him around…and he’s sometimes the target of things from the dungeon dimensions. Well…there are always drawbacks.


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