Wolverine sequel takes shape

Hugh Jackman Wolverine

Via MTV’s SplashPage: http://splashpage.mtv.com/2010/10/18/wolverine-2-darren-aronofsky/

“Black Swan” director Darren Aronofsky’s attachment to “X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2” remains likely but uncertain, and until an official announcement is made, Aronofsky Alerts remain in full effect on the “Wolverine” front. And according to the latest alert, the director isn’t just inching closer to a deal — he’s closer to a start date and a shooting location as well.

Deadline reports that Aronofsky’s deal with 20th Century Fox is “close enough that discussion has turned to shooting the sound stage portions of the film in New York so the filmmaker and Hugh Jackman don’t have to inconvenience their families.”

When New York filming is complete, the production would head to Japan to shoot the rest of the sequel, reportedly based on the “Wolverine” comics created by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller.

Additionally, Fox is eyeing a March start date for the “Wolverine” sequel. The studio’s intention is to leave Aronofsky’s schedule clear enough “to open ‘Black Swan’ and be available for the inevitable award season obligations.” Indeed, Aronofsky’s latest film has already generated award buzz, with lead actress Natalie Portman considered a virtual lock for an Academy Award nomination.

With shooting dates and locations reportedly lining up all in an effort to accommodate Aronofsky’s schedule, it seems that it’s just a matter of time before the director officially digs his claws into the “X-Men” franchise. In the meantime, keep it locked into Splash Page for the latest Aronofsky Alerts as they’re made available.

As soon as a week after it opened, Hugh Jackman (see my previous article here: https://dailypop.wordpress.com/2009/08/13/wolverine-2/) was talking about a second Wolverine film, this time closely based om the Frank Miller/Chris Claremont min-series set in Japan. Reportedly, the studio made a lot of demands on the first Wolverine film leading to a Spider-Man 3 situation with characters such as Deadpool shoe-horned into the cast. While X-Men: Origins- Wolverine was a relative success in the cinema it was less popular with fans who were more than a little irked by the kitchen sink approach and over-the-top ending.

The filmmakers are hoping for a much more straight-forward and controllable movie the second time around. Hiring the creative team of Aronofsky (the Fountain, Requiem for a Dream) and Christopher McQuarrie (Way of the Gun, The Usual Suspects) could signal a fantastic movie that Wolverine fans have been waiting for. With the X-Men: First Class movie set to land in 2012, 20th Century Fox no doubt has its collective fingers crossed that the mutants will prove profitable again, leading to a revival of the X-Men franchise.

Wolverine 2 has no release date at present.

16 thoughts on “Wolverine sequel takes shape

  1. Looks good! The only things I can add to that is that Liev is interested in coming back in cameo to explain how his Sabretooth becomes Tyler Mane’s version of the character. Hugh Jackman admitted he talked to Liev about this. Also there was talk that they were going to have Cyber be the next big bad in the next movie. Which, would be interesting to say the least!


    • Explain how he becomes that sabertooth? Ugh. I hope they just leave that and the character out. In fact, I wish the Wolverine films were separate continuity from the X-men films. But I guess we’re stuck with Hugh jackman…. regrettably. I think after four films, the character needs recast… BUT ANYWAY. I feel Wolverine fans should be cautiously optimistic regarding Aronofsky’s involvement. He’s a great director but something tells me he doesn’t have much respect for comic book source material. I worry we’re not going to like his “contributions” or, worse yet, he may send the whole production into development hell. I just posted a look back at his Batman: Year One film… buyer beware. http://wp.me/pBP0f-eG


      • In Aronofsky’s defense, The Fountain was also a graphic novel. But I agree that another Wolverine film with Jackman is a tired concept. It reminds me of how the studio had to talk Michael Keaton into coming back for Batman Returns. Keaton’s point was ‘where can I take this character?’ I think the same can be said here (and in the comic books too if you like).


      • Whom would you recast in the role exactly? It is a tough part to play. Also, Jackman is extremely greatful to the part for making him both rich & famous. He is NOT going to be killing that golden goose anytime soon. He enjoys playing that role alot, meeting the fans etc.


      • Who to recast the character with? Gosh. Good question. I guess I’d like an unknown… I mean, who knew Hugh Jackman before X1? My problem with Jackman is that… hmm, let me think about this. he’s getting old, I suppose. and he’s too campy. I feel the series needs to darken a bit (I know, I know, TDK syndrone… but I think Wolverine needs that.)

        Or I could be holding Wolverine Origins against him too much, I don’t know.


      • I actually agree with Marco here – I think Jackman is perfect for the role of Wolverine – it’s more the material than the person playing it.


      • While I was excited about his performance in the first two X movies, it was the third film where he started to get a bit camp. The guy is terribly versatile and can play Wolverine as well as Tommy Tune… but the line got a little blurred in X-Men United where Wolverine became more ‘cartoony.’ I haven’t seen the X-Men Origins Wolverine movie because the trailers put me off, but I gather that the campiness progressed further in that one.


      • Cklockwork it is unfair to blame Hugh Jackman for the crapiness of Wolverine Origins. The blame falls squarely on the shoulders of the studio executives who demanded last minute changes to the script. Trust me, the sequel will be in the hands of the filmakers (alledgedly) this time around. The powers that be have learned their lesson. I am not saying it is impossible to find an unknown actor to play Wolverine, I just can’t see the studios taking the chance. Hugh Jackman is (literally) money in the bank to them.


      • Also, he is a normal human being so obviously he is going to age. Fact is though Jackman keeps himself in phenomenal physical condition. He can do many more films. I admit (maybe in vain) that I am holding out for Hugh to square up with the Hulk. That would be a fitting swansong for Hugh when he finally as to give up the role.


  2. The Fountain a graphic novel? I had no idea. So i looked it up… and found that the graphic novel was actually based on Aronofsky’s original script (I’m guessing the scrapped Brad Pitt version) and published before the film was re-greenlit by Warner Brothers. So… my respect for Aronofsky increases considerably! I love his movies… and need to find this comic!


    • King Hulk,have you been following the Chaos War story by Pak and Van Lente? So far it is only been set up. It will cross over into the next Hulk storyline soon in Decemeber as you probably know. Do you have any thoughts on it?


  3. Hi Zeno, it is good to hear from you young man. To tell you the truth, it is still too early for me to get a handle on this storyline.The only thing I am feeling is that the returning Emil Blonsky will be a pawn to the Chaos King in exchange for greater power. Samething happened to him when he used to work for the Galaxymaster.


    • Actually Abombniation made a cameo in Chaos War 2. He was seen in Pluto’s hell. Are you excited about the Enigma Force coming out tommorow?


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