Hulk- Speculations on the Old Power

Today’s article is a long time coming from one of The Daily P.O.P.’s most prolific and verbose posters, Zeno. Zeno has been developing his theories on the relationship between the Old Power and the Enigma Force for some time in his posts to The Daily P.O.P. blog. Here is part one of that research.

Please welcome Zeno to the fold, I am happy for the company!

The Hulk by Pablo Lobato

Speculations on the Old Power

By Zeno

This article is about the ‘old power’ first seen in the Planet Hulk storyline and later shown in other series such as World War Hulk and Fall of the Hulks. This is intended as companion article to Gary Miller’s Hiro Kala primer. Readers uncertain of events mentioned here should read that article for information.

Planet Hulk and the Shadow People

The first time we learn about the old power is in Greg Pak’s Planet Hulk story line. In this story the Hulk was exiled from Earth and came to the planet Sakaar through a wormhole that exists in Skaar’s solar system. The planet itself has three main races living on it: the red skinned Imperials, the gray skinned Shadow People and the insect like Natives. Of these three only the Natives were born on this planet. The Imperials and the Shadow People came from origins that are lost to antiquity. The Imperials could have evolved from the Shadow People but this is uncertain. These facts will be important later.

Shadow People

Only the Shadow People are capable of using the Old Power. It is something that their bodies can channel. It is also of a geological nature and affects the plates of the planet. Also interesting is the fact that the ‘Old Power’ has a bluish color.

These facts all come from Planet Hulk.

Son of Hulk Part 1

Skaar #4 Zombie Variant by David Yardin

In the ongoing Son of Hulk series that lasted for 17 issues more was learned. We see that Caiera the Old-Strong, the Hulk’s deceased wife, as a soul survived. She also has a awareness of what is going on anywhere on the planet. Also a ability to change and shape the planet’s surface to a limited degree. The geological nature of the old power is further emphasized. The immortal aspect is less certain. Later in the series we learn more about the Old Power. It came from ancient technology that the Shadow People brought to Sakaar and it is related to the Power Cosmic. Later in Son of Hulk the elderly Shadow men called Old Sam explains that the wormhole itself was created from the Old Power. He also later confirms that was a power invented to mimic the power cosmic that beings like the Silver Surfer use. The Shadow People have colonized other planets such as Gauisar and used this artificial power to control the planets and run the technology. However there is something unstable about it and it does not always work right. This leads to the questions where did the Shadow People come from and when was this power discovered?


The Greg Pak series about the Hulk’s former teammates from Planet Hulk, the Warbound, sheds more light on the Old Power. We see the power can transfered from one person to another when one who possess the power dies. Hirom the Shamed transfered his power to Katherine Waynesboro at the end of the Warbound. The significance will be shown.

Realm of Kings

In the Son of Hulk Realm of Kings tie-in we learn of a few more things about the Old Power. There is a connection between the Old Power and the Microverse we learn this from the captions in issue 1. The Hulk’s other son known as Hiro Kala, is accidently teleported to Jarella’s world instead of the Hulk. It there that he makes these observations. Strangely enough, he says a number of times that Jarella’s world itself does not contain the Old Power. We see in the series that Hiro wants to remove the Old Power from the microverse.

What is the Old Power?

It is safe to say that it is related to the enigma force or perhaps the engima force itself. The attributes of being scientific power and yet one that can be possessed and passed on to others is similar what the enigma force does in other comics. It leads to other possibilities about the Shadow People. Either the Shadow People were from the Microverse and came to the regular universe or they are natives of our universe who found a way to channel it. This has been done before.

In fact the Old Power is very similar to the Uni Power. This is a energy from the microverse that can posses people and give them super powers. The similarities are striking. First the Uni power gives off a bluish color. Not significant in itself.

Second it is something that a person can store in their body and be transfered to another person. The geological nature of the power comes from the fact that many microverse planets have worldminds. I admit this similarity is less certain. However I read that in recent Spider-Man issues the Captain Universe power was used to heal the plates beneath the earth,very similar to how the Old Power is used.

Do the worldminds of microverse planet all have the enigma force power in them? It is a possibility. Though in a later article I will show it does not appear to be the case with Jarella’s world. The fact this power is not part of the regular Marvel Universe could be explain why it is unstable also. There is another similarity between the Uni Power and Old Power that will be discussed in the next section.

Captain Universe 2005 series

In 2005 a mini series about the Captain Universe power was released. There are two things interesting about the series. In the first part Bruce Banner and the Hulk become possessed by the Captain Universe power. This is the second time this has happened. The first time was in Hulk annual 10. What is more significant is the fact that throughout this story we are told that something has been weakening its power the series ends without the source of this disturbance being found. It is very possible that the disturbance is caused by the use of the Old Power. Yes, it has been used for centuries. However the drain could be a cumulative effect so it affected the Uni Power gradually. It was only noticed recently because it’s use has reached significant amounts.

The final piece of the puzzle involves involves the Death’s Head robots.

Death’s Head 3.0

Death's Head 3.0 by Lucio Parillo

The Death’ Head robot’s made a few brief cameos in the Planet Hulk story and are mentioned in the Planet Hulk guidebook. The origin of them is unknown but like the Hulk they came to Planet Sakaar through the Wormhole created by the Old Power. More is explained about them in the Unnatural Selection story that ran through Amazing Fantasy Vol2 issues 16-20. We learn that one of the Death’s Head robots that the Warbound brought back from Planet Hulk was studied by AIM and the research was led by the Bruce Banner’s college girlfriend Monica Racupcinni. Yet another Hulk connection.

The story takes place a century from now.

The details of the story are not important. What is important is the fact that the Death’s Head robots channel the Uni Power of Captain Universe. Also of interest is the fact Maronitte and Commander Rann have a Death’s Head robot on their team that they found floating through the microverse. Could he have become stranded because of mistake in attempting to access the Uni Power? Of course this still leaves the question of where the Death’s Head robot’s were created? Since the Death’s Head robots were seen in the final issue of Modok’s 11 and the fact that Modok took over AIM at the end of this issue one has to wonder how Modok or AIM itself has already found out about this.

The final point is that both the Hulk and the Death’s Head robots have had contact with the either the Uni Power or the Enigma Force. Perhaps the wormhole being constructed from the Uni Power/Enigma Force attracts objects that have that energy within them. It might not be mere coincidence that the Hulk landed on the planet Skaar. And perhaps Hiro Kala’s own old power energy explains why he, instead of his father was teleported to Jarella’s Planet.

More speculation on the upcoming Hulk titles in later articles.


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18 thoughts on “Hulk- Speculations on the Old Power

  1. Wow! Congratulations Zeno, that was really wonderful. I feel so proud for you. Jamieson that was one hell of a classy introduction. I can’t wait for the next article!


    • In all fairness,Dailypop chose the pictures and did the recommended reading list. So I must give credit where it is due. He deserves full credit for that.


  2. Hi Grey, glad to see you got my message. Thanks for doing this, it is much appreciated by myself and Zeno. Speaking about our favourite man of mystery Zeno, I don’t know if you are here or, are busy at home writing the second article. This is your night! Long overdue and richly deserved. You did this my friend, congratulations!


    • King Hulk,did you hear from Jeff Parker? You asked him if the next issue is in Russia. It would nice if he brought the Gremlin back. Someone on Ask the Leader asked if any gamma creatures destroyed or forgotten will be coming back. The answer was see the World War Hulks one shot. The only people who match in any of the stories are She Hulk or the Gremlin. She Hulk was seen alive a month before ,so It seems likely it is him.


      • Hi Zeno,

        In answer to your question, nope Jeff didn’t get to me on that. Has previously mentioned, I didn’t think he would as he keeps any information pertaining to ongoing storylines close to his chest. Your query above is confusing me regarding She-Hulk (I assume it is a typo).

        I agree with what we said in the past that The Gremlin looks more than likely to be returning sooner rather than later.


      • King Hulk,my message wasn’t clear. When the one shot collection came out,it had been one month after Parker’s first issue of the She Hulks series showed Jen Walters was still alive. She was shown in the same tube in one story in the World War Hulks one shot. We can count her out as “dead or destroyed” as the question asked, because we already saw she was alive. Leaving only the Gremlin.

        My second part was Harrison Wilcox is going to write the new She Hulks series. He also wrote the recent story where the Gremlin appeared.


      • Thank you for clearing that up Zeno, that definitely makes sense now. The Gremlin looks he could be coming back (by the looks of things). We will have to just wait and see. I am curious to see how the new She-Hulks series will progress. I am not sure if it is a mini series or an ongoing series.


      • King Hulk,the other thing is in the second issue of Wilcox’s series they are going to Russia. It is possible that in that issue or the next,the Gremlin will make his reappearance. If he doesn’t in Parker’s story this month.


      • Hi Zeno, Has mentioned before, we will have to wait and see regarding a returning Gremlin. I am amazed that the writers at Marvel in the 70’s never considered teaming up the Leader, M.O.D.O.K and the Gremlin together. The closest they did to that was teaming up the Leader and M.O.D.O.K this year as part of the Intel. How is the writing going?


      • King Hulk, Mantlo explained in ROM 44,that the Gremlin found out the Hulk was not to blame for his dad’s death. It should have been followed up in a later story. About Wilcox. If you look back at his Talbolt story you will see it hints your theory about a secret US military program to create Gamma people is right. Read the questions Bucky asks Talbolt carefully. I think you are right about General Stryker also.


  3. Before I start anything, I would like to state that I just found this site through Rachet’s Hulk Collection site, so this is my first reading and post.

    The following was stated: “Do the worldminds of microverse planet all have the enigma force power in them?”

    I noticed that there were no mentions in the article of the Marvel Micronauts series, which ran from 1979-86. It was in this series that the idea of a “Worldmind” first came into Marvel continuity. Thing is the only planet that had a worldmind was Spartak, the home of Acroyear of the Micronauts (see more here:, I’m pretty sure the Worldmind of Spartak was not related to the Enigma Force, but was simply attached to the planet itself.

    As far as Jarella’s world, it was only in the 1st Peter David Captain Marvel series (before Genis-Vell went nuts) that Jarella’s world was said to be part of the Microverse and that was only after Thanos and Baron Karza tried to destroy all the Microverses (somehow they wound up merged instead). It was only recently that Kai was even said to have a worldmind.

    I wonder if this will be taken into consideration in the new storyline.


  4. Well, we will have to wait and see. If I am proven right (as in the past) it won’t just be down to a mere coincedence. What will be your next article my friend?


  5. Good article. But you left out something that’s important in regards to the Old Power. Such as the Old Power having a mystical quality to it. Remember when Hiroim easily bypassed Dr. Strange’s defenses and exercised the demon Zom? As I’ve said before, we know very little about the Old Power and the Shadow People. All we truly know is that the Shadow People are one of the oldest races in the universe, and one of the most advanced races in physical, mental, spiritual, and technological terms.

    There’s a lot that can be explored and developed. We know they inhabit countless worlds in the 616-Universe, it’s even been hinted that they travel not only through the 616-Universe but also other Universes/Realities. All that is needed is an excellent writer with vision.


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