Have Doctor Who minimates finally arrived?

Dr Who minimates concept art from 2008

At least two years ago, news of a forthcoming line of minimates based on Doctor Who hit the Whovian wold by storm. Designs of Cybermen, Captain Jack, The Doctor and companion Martha Jones were shown and quickly circulated, but nothing ever materialized.  (click here to see the designs… and weep)

It turned out that Underground Toys, who owned a limited contract on Doctor Who was facing the high cost of producing these beauties and had to pass on them due to several conflicting commitments. The story ended on a high note, however, with a promise to revisit the idea in two year’s time.

In 2010, this image has surfaced (thanks to Russ for the find!)

Is this image of Doctor Who miniature figures legit?

The characters in this Lego style Doctor Who figures range from all three modern Doctors and their companions to Wilf, the face of Boe, Daleks, Davros, Clockwork Men, River Song and more.

Even the new K-9 appears in the mad assemblage of Doctor Who characters!

While this is pretty nifty, there is still no official word on Minimate creator Art Asylum‘s website, so it’s not official yet. But if this does end up happening, the possibilities are nearly endless. Just look at the Ninth and Fourth Doctor Who sets below by Luke Porter below.

4th Doctor and enemies set

9th Doctor and Rose on the run from Autons

(visit his site:  luke314pi.com for many more drool-inducing customs including my favorite, the Third Doctor set):


3 thoughts on “Have Doctor Who minimates finally arrived?

  1. Nice idea, take a closer look at the newer pic though, those aren’t minimates, they look more like mega blocks/lego style figs. Minimates don’t have posts on their heads.


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