Doctor Who – 3rd Doctor Sonic Screwdriver released

Released from Underground Toys for the San Diego Comic Con is the second version of the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver (the first version used by Patrick Troughton- Doctor No. 2 was just a pen light). The third Doctor was a great fan of gadgets and gizmos and that adoration especially extended to the his universal problem solver, the sonic screwdriver. A device that could burn through metal, unlock doors and even explode land mines, the Doctor ingeniously used his favorite tool throughout his adventures all the way until 1982 when a wiley alien destroyed the object outright – problem solved.

Jon Pertwee sings Doctor Who (with hilarious subtitles)

Luckily, this version is still intact, providing fans with a screen-accurate prop- complete with the crazy yellow and black striped column.

Third Doctor Jon Pertwee detonates mines with the sonic screwdriver

Toy description: The Third Doctor spent much of this incarnation exiled on Earth.

Sophisticated and elegant this Doctor was more of a pure scientist than his predecessors, surrounded by gadgets and vehicles.

But whether aiding UNIT against invasion or travelling to distant planets his kindness and belief in peace was rarely stronger.

The Sonic Screwdriver is a versatile tool and defensive device first used by the Doctor in his second incarnation for opening up hatches, panels and controls.

Later uses included cutting through wall sections and even as a conventional screwdriver.

During the third Doctor’s exile on earth he had a larger and more elaborately detailed version, which had a decorated silver handle and black and yellow stripes. This version had even more functions including detecting security traps, remote detonation of mines, opening doors and restraints, creating ignition sparks and again removing screws and fixings.

Later still the fourth Doctor remade yet another similar style of sonic screwdriver but with many more features and functions including micro soldering or circuitry, cutting wires and bulkheads and even detonating Dalek explosives.

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