Mike Allred’s new series ‘I, Zombie’

Cult comic book creator Mike Allred has led a varied career, from a start in film as an actor to artist with Madman and amateur filmmaker. In 2000, he collaborated with writer Peter Milligan on the X-Men spin-off series X-Statix, gaining an all new fan base. A deep love for horror and 1960’s kitsch pervades his work along with a deep adoration for classic comic book creators. His latest project sees Allred teaming up with writer Chris Roberson (Cinderella, Jack of Fables) to launch an unusual horror series for DC’s Vertigo imprint. Described as an ‘undead Nancy Drew,’ the central character is Gwendolyn Dylan, an investigator of the bizarre.

Writer Chris Roberson spoke to Newsarama about the series:

“Gwen quickly learned that, unless she ate a human brain once a month, she would lose her own memories and personality and quickly become a shambling zombie straight out of a George Romero film,” Roberson explained of the comic, which begins in May. “But she doesn’t want to hurt anyone, so instead of attacking the living, she gets a job as a gravedigger at an eco-friendly cemetery (because embalming fluid tastes icky), and once a month she sneaks in and digs up the freshest body for a quick bite.”

“Mike and I are trying to create as broad and as rich as a world as we can, and a huge part of that is populating the world of I, Zombie with our own take on every kind of monster we can think of,” Roberson said. “The ones we meet in the first arc are just the tip of the iceberg. But we didn’t want to just shove monsters in there without rhyme or reason, and so I worked out a rationale that explains how all of the different types work and fit together. By the end of the first arc, readers will have been given the basic ground rules that underlie Gwen’s world, a basic mechanism that explains how normal people can become vampires, or werewolves, or zombies, or what have you.”

(full interview here)

Artist Mike Allred seems overjoyed to collaborate with a writer again, as you can see from this comicvine interview excerpt:
CV: Having written and drawn your own books for so long, what are the pros and cons of drawing someone else’s scripts?
MR: It’s a nice break from my fevered brain. It allows me to concentrate on stretching and it gives me a growing hunger for my own humble comic book universe. It’s a pattern that has worked quite well for me, playing in both worlds. But I don’t anticipate leaving this gig for a very long time. I’m in monster heaven!

(Full interview here)

The first issue hits the stands today (May 5, 2010).


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