Thanos is reborn!

The recent rebirth of the Marvel cosmic comics started with Annihilation where readers were re-introduced to Nova (and this time that was a good thing). Annihilation: Conquest brought back Warlock and introduced a new Guardians of the Galaxy. The Inhumans, Shi’Ar and Kree empires declared intergalactic in the War of Kings which resulted in a rift in space. That rift leads to the Realm of Kings currently still hitting the shelves.

Writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning recently talked to about the next big cosmic event. It’s big trouble with a capital T, meaning Thanos.

Dan Abnett: Everything thing points to ” The Thanos Imperative: Ignition” one-shot, which is a singular event that will gather in threads from “Guardians,” “Nova,” “Inhumans,” “Imperial Guard” and the “Realm of Kings” one-shot, which seemed like a fun, self-contained thing at the time and now has greater and greater significance as we run into this event.

Andy Lanning: We’ve built upon all these cool little things that we’ve been dropping into the books over the past couple of years. “Nova,” “Guardians,” “War of Kings” and the “Realm of Kings” stuff have all had these little hanging threads that we’ve picked up and woven into this greater story. Of course, if you look behind the curtain, things weren’t so ingrained from the get go [Laughs]. There was a certain amount of throwing things out there because they were cool and intriguing and that’s part of the fun of doing something like this.

You’ve got this great stuff and if you get an idea or a direction, you really turn it up based on the direction the story ends up taking. So this is where it’s all kind of lead up to. In “Realm of Kings,” we’re dealing with the Cthulhu-verse – or Cancer-verse – a universe where life has run rampant. And now the inhabitants of that universe are coming into our universe, where death and entropy are the ruling aspects. There’s a collision course happening. We looked for the biggest advocate of death we could find, and that’s Thanos and that made it his story. Hence the title, “The Thanos Imperative.”

One of the best things about the cosmic crossovers has been that they are secluded from the Civil War, Secret Invasion, Dark Reign and other events that have taken over the monthly Marvel Universe. I like all of those events, but some readers feel put off by them. I have been enjoying the work that Abnett and Lanning have been doing on their many series this far and cannot recommend their star-faring comics enough.

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