The Inhumans

The Inhumans

The Inhumans by Jack Kirby

The Inhumans by Jack Kirby

The villainess Medusa was introduced as part of the infamous Frightful Four back in issue 36 of the Fantastic Four. A member of the dastardly group of villains devoted as much to evil as the FF upheld the virtues of justice, Johnny Storm saw that her heart was not in this ‘evil’ business. Allowing her to escape capture, Johnny soon met the incomparable Crystal who wooed the young flame being with her innocent charms. Mistaking Johnny for one of her race she led him into her safe house where the Inhumans dwelt, forever changing the fate of her people.

By allowing Johnny Storm into the Refuge opened up their hidden world to the race of humanity that had progressed so far since they and the Inhumans had occupied the planet together. In many ways, the human race had evolved very little past the cute primates that dwelt on the plains and picked nits off of each other while the Inhumans had built a vast culture in their hidden city. To be fair, the Inhumans had an advantage on humanity in the form of genetic manipulation.

A super army

Developed as a secret army for the Kree against their life-long foes the Skrull, the Inhumans were genetically engineered human beings. Abandoned as a failed experiment by the Kree, the forgot almost entirely of their pet project. Left without direction, the Inhumans lived on as a kingdom unto itself. Through the use of the Terrigen Mists in a sacred rite of passage, the Inhumans bred more of their kind. Their own failed experiments were declared subhuman and allowed to live as slave labor in the bowels of the city.

The royal family

The royal family of the Inhumans are a powerful force to be reckoned with.

The Inhumans by George Perez

The Inhumans by George Perez

Their leader, King Blackagar (also known as Black Bolt) is referred to as the perfect being. Able to manipulate the very electrons around him, Black Bolt is also cursed to eternal silence, his very whisper capable of shattering a mountain. To his eternal shame, his voice cost the sanity of his broth Maximus, driving the prince to madness.

Queen Medusa is capable of interpreting the very thoughts of her husband and acts as the King’s voice in all matters. A regal and stately personality, she is capable of controlling her hair as a weapon powerful enough to kill if necessary.

The martial combat expert Karnak is able to see the flaw in all things and use that knowledge to defeat any enemy. A master tactician, Karnak has protected the royal family through generations of conflict as a military adviser.

The giant Gorgon‘s mighty hoofed feet cause shock waves that can collapse buildings but it is his short temper and strength that make him a deadly foe to the enemies of the Great Refuge. Always the first to react in battle, he is a primal creature that must be reigned in by his family.

The silent and sagely Triton must dwell in water to survive but his slippery and lithe form makes him a capable fighter. Wearing a special water-ballast suit on land, he is incredibly strong and powerful yet his nature is not that of a fighter.

The elemental manipulator Crystal bridges the gap between the Inhuman and human societies first by her romance with Johnny Storm and membership in the Fantastic Four and later as the bride of Quicksilver. It is this marriage that jeopardizes the safety of the Inhuman populace and sets in motion their next stage of development.

At last… war

War of Kings

War of Kings

Driven mad by the loss of his powers, Quicksilver uses his access to the Terrigen Mists to steal the crystals necessary in their creation. Embedding the crystals in his body, he flees the Great Refuge. Enraged by this violation, the Inhumans declare war on the world of man, breaking the bonds with the humans that had learned to trust them. This set them on a path of violence that continues to this day.

After the near Skrull Invasion of the planet Earth and the abduction of King Blacakagar, the Inhumans have accepted their place as warriors and carved out a kingdom on their home world of the Kree. Through the turbulent War of Kings with the Shi’Ar Empire, the Kree are now the ruling force in the galaxy. No longer the philosophers and seclusionist race of super beings, the Inhumans are now what they were always meant to be, a ruling family.

In November a follow-up series called Realm of Kings that will no doubt explore the ramifications of the catastrophic war between such super powered societies.

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3 thoughts on “The Inhumans

  1. While a member of the Frightful Four, the evil villainess Madam Medusa showed that she was more than a match for Sue Storm. It would be fun to see Medusa turn to the dark side once again and defeat the Invisible Girl/Woman!


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