Big Man Japan

Remember all those late nights watching Creature Double Feature while the cool kids had better things to do?

Do you lament the days of Ray Harryhausen flicks where the monster actually looked interesting?

Are you bored with American blockbusters?


A mockumentary of Japan’s most hated superhero Daisatou, Big Man Japan caused many a chin-scratching at Cannes this past year. However, it found a home with the comic book set after a showing at the NY Comic Con.

An examination of the life of a superhero, the movie has been called far more satisfying in the genre than the more high profile ‘Watchmen.’ The filmmaker follows our hero throughout his life which is filled mostly with slovenly distracted behavior until he is called into action. Growing into a giant wearing a giant pair of underpants by the power of pure electricity, Daisatou battles absurd monsters in downtown Tokyo ranging from the Strangling Monster to ‘The Stink.’ After seeing so many films where the creators slave over the CGI, it’s pleasant to see genuinely awful special effects as the monsters fight our hero.

A statement on the genre of giant monster movies and superheroes as well, Big Man Japan will be making its way to America for a May 15th limited release.

See it with someone special.

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