Brave and the Bold – Dinosaur Island review

This is the kind of cartoon that makes people say, ‘What a great time to be a kid!’ but don’t let that stop you from watching. The newest series from the talented team that has worked on the Batman Animated Series all the way up to The Batman that saw its last episode just last year, Batman the Brave and the Bold is a rollicking fun cartoon that is approachable to longtime fans and anyone with an appreciation of bright colors.


The imagery of the series is so vivid that it’s shocking. This is the kind of quality cartoon that comic fans have wanted to see for decades! Bright reds of Plastic Man played against the lively blues of Batman make for a visual carnival. The story is inventive and wild, involving Gorilla Grodd‘s evolution ray and his army of dinosaurs. Rolled into this tale, however, is one of redemption mixed with a ‘can do nothing right’ story of Plastic Man, a character that has had the hardest time finding his feet in DC Comics since he was incorporated into the DCU.

His origin slightly altered for this cartoon, Plas is a former crook who was redeemed by Batman after a dip in some chemicals that caused him to become a pliable creature. There are some people out there who don’t like Plastic Man and I can dig that. It’s just like people who don’t like P-Funk. They just don’tr know what a good time they are missing out on. In this cartoon Plastic Man takes center stage, stealing the attention away from star Batman and making even the most anti-Plastic Man reader wish for a new cartoon or comic book starring the bendy hero.

If you are not watching this series avidly each Friday night, it’s time to start!

Worlds Finest has the details on the next two episodes:

“Evil Under the Sea” Batman aids Aquaman as Ocean Master and Black Manta team up to assassinate him.

“Invasion of the Secret Santas” Batman and Red Tornado fight to stop Fun Haus’ Yuletide crime spree.

Everyone knows who Aquaman is (even though he changes each time he appears), but it does my fanboy heart proud to see old Red Tornado starring opposite the blue and gray detective.

240px-red-tornado_3A ‘third-tier’ super hero, Red Tornado has been a favorite of fans for generations, including comic writer Brad Metzer (who unfortunately basterdized the character so badly that I doubt we will see him in comics for a very long time). Your standard android who wishes he were a man, Red Tornado enjoyed a healthy run in the Justice League of America comic in the late 1970’s and into the 80’s. A young Kurt Busiek even worked on a mini-series featuring the character!

Like most super heroes, his origins are convoluted and involve parallel Earths and tornado spirits… but in essence he does what it says on the label: creates red tornadoes. A slightly tragic yet soulful character, it will be interesting to see him in animated form.


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