Here Comes Daredevil?

Daredevil 26

Daredevil 26

With the success of both Iron Man and Dark Knight, Hollywood is desperate for the next big thing. Growing up as a comic fan I was a fan of Batman but Daredevil was where it was at. While playboy Bruce Wayne fought madmen and monsters Matt Murdock attempted to juggle a normal life as he battled the mobsters and assassins of Hell’s Kitchen. Dead girlfriends and a painfully sensitive hearing affliction made Daredevil‘s life a never-ending drama. The super villains just added a bit of spice.

Like many comic fans I was overjoyed at the news of a Daredevil feature film. Imagine my disappointment when I saw the finished product. The best of intentions went into the movie but in the end it was a mess. Lately I’ve found myself re-watching Daredevil in a kind of strange fascination… but I fast-forward through almost half of it. The action is quite interesting and the story (in the Director’s Cut) is a decent one… but the entire production is marred by bad casting. From Ben Affleck in the title role to scenery-munching Colin Farrel as Bullseye the whole movie is a disaster of bad acting.

Soon after the film’s release (a $45,033,454 opening weekend made it Marvel‘s fifth hit film in a row), stories started about the inevitable sequel… but star Affleck referred to his own performance as an embarrassment.

At this year’s New York Comic Con, the rumor mill started turning again. Frank Miller and John Statham announced that they would like to work on a Daredevil flick. First Daredevil film director Mark Steven Johnson mentioned that he had deep interest in a sequel featuring Mr. Fear or even an adaption of the classic story ‘Born Again.’ I’m still doubtful of a Frank Miller production after seeing the Spirit trailer, but Statham certainly has the action chops.

The suspected direction of the hypothetical sequel would fit with the general design of Incredible Hulk which instead of following the events of the first movie attempted to blot out its memory. But Daredevil (say what you will about it) was a blockbuster… should it be forgotten?

While I think there is the possibility of a very good Daredevil movie in the universe I have to ask, does it need to be made?


5 thoughts on “Here Comes Daredevil?

  1. I actually think the Director’s version of Daredevil is quite good. The romance is chucked out, there’s a bit more story and we get Coolio!

    I always thought Guy Pearce would’ve been a great Matt Murdock. Jason Statham is too ripped to be our friendly horned one, but he’s got charisma, so it could work.

    Why is there so much negative buzz about the Spirit ? is it really that bad? :O


  2. I totally agree that Guy Pierce would nail the role and if the attempt is to adapt Born Again they will need an actor of high caliber.

    And yeah The Spirit looks just awful. A goofy mask, imagery torn from Sin City rather than the Spirit and the most shamelessly over-the-top performance by Sam Jackson (as if daring the director to fire him)… it all spells flop.


  3. Ouch! ME hoping The Spirit would’ve been good…sigh…

    Fall from grace could be another great one for Guy “I kick Russell Crowe’s bottom!” Pearce… he rocks!

    BtW, love the blog, dude, I read it whenever there’s something new, keep on the great work!


  4. The first Daredevil film already ripped off most of its good scenes from Frank Miller’s stories. I’m personally in the “wait and see” camp on the Spirit, and while I didn’t even hate the Daredevil film as much as some, I find it hard to imagine that a Miller-directed sequel wouldn’t be much better given how much praise Rodriguez gave him as co-director on Sin City.


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