The Outer Limits- ‘Nightmare’

A war between worlds has long been dreaded. Throughout recent history, Man, convinced that life on other planets would be as anxious and belligerent as life on his own, has gravely predicted that some dreadful form of combat would inevitably take place between our world and that of someone else. And Man was right. To the eternal credit of the peoples of this planet Earth, history shall be able to proclaim loudly and justly that in this war between Unified Earth and the planet Ebon, Ebon struck first. Ebon: Its form of life unknown, its way of life unpredictable. To the fighting troops of Earth, a black question mark at the end of a dark, foreboding journey.

The Outer Limits: Nightmare

Season One, Episode 10
December, 1963


Vintage Outer Limits trading card

Recently re-released on DVD, The Outer Limits is the finest science fiction series to ever grace the small screen is back. From 1963 comes this terrifying vision of the inner psyche of American culture. Each episode delved into the mind scape of the country, pulling out paranoid delusions, uneasy feelings about the unknown and a general feeling of helplessness in a world that was violently rocketing into tomorrow.

One of my favorite episodes is ‘Nightmare,’ featuring a very young Martin Sheen as a brash private held as a prisoner of war on the alien planet of Ebon. We watch the Ebonites try to break the soldiers’ spirit one by one as the each is tortured with painful devices and equally painful visions of home. One of the most haunting and evocative episodes of the entire series, ‘Nightmare’ is just one in a series of television episodes far ahead of its time.

These newly remastered box sets are available online and at local retailers including Target and Best Buy. Well worth the small price tag, these DVDs belong on the shelf of any science fiction fan looking for the best entertainment available.

The Outer Limits (The Original Series) – Volume 1

The Outer Limits (The Original Series) – Volume 2

The Outer Limits (The Original Series) – Volume 3

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