Doctor Who-2008 Christmas Special

So much for my career as a mystic!

Despite my prediction that big changes are on their way for next year with a new producer and new Doctor, it appears that Tennant is still the reigning timelord of the season.

(guest star David Morrissey – the ‘other Doctor’ and David Tennant pictured)

A recent post to a Doctor Who entry on my blog alerted me to the fact that this year’s Christmas Special is already in production and filming in Gloucester. A mixture of a period piece and alien invasion story, this year’s holiday special will feature the dreaded robotic Cybermen in a Victorian England setting.

(on the spot footage)

It bears mention that next year will be a year of specials rather than a full 13 episodes. It has also been mentioned that Tennant may not be in all four of these specials. Could this Christmas Special be a tale from the Doctor‘s past?

And just why is David Morrissey‘s character refered to as ‘the other Doctor?’ Is this the face of the 11th Doctor?

We’ll have to wait and see.

7 thoughts on “Doctor Who-2008 Christmas Special

  1. Think this characters will be a Victorian doctor. Was Robert Louis Stevenson a doctor???
    I think once series 4 ends it will all be resolved, and DT will keep his options open. He loves the role, but also has to think about his future as an actor. If he stays too long he will be untouchable.
    Even my little girl said, when watching Harry Potter 4; “That’s Doctor Who…”


  2. Just to clarify that…
    They have had a few historical eps’ but have mostly revolved around writers. Hence the RLS query.


  3. I don’t think the Other Doctor is regeneration number 11. I think he must be from the parrallel world and got stuck on Earth during the Journey’s End episode when Rose was in this universe. Alternatively the Other Doctor could refer to ‘The Other’, a legendary figure in Time Lord history. The Other has not appeared in the tv series itself. The Other was first mentioned in the novelisation of Remembrance of the Daleks by Ben Aaronovitch. I hope the Xmas story is great. I look forward to seeing the Cybermen again.


  4. Tennant is not staying on for series 5!

    Also, he’s a guest star. We can’t assume he’s the 11th just like like that. Oh… Wait… It’s an RTD special, isn’t it?

    It’s him. It’s definitely him.


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