Doctor Who 4.1 Sneak Peek

Enjoy it while the link lasts, but here is a clip from the fourth season opener of Doctor Who starring David Tennant as the time traveling Doctor and Catherine Tate as the unlikely companion, Donna.

This clip features monsters from the first episode ‘Partners in Crime’ which concerns the new CGI creations from The Mill, the Adipose.

Burning Question for Doctor Who: Davros Back for Season 4?

By John Scott LewinskiWhat lies ahead for Doctor Who? Stars David Tennant and Catherine Tate gathered with other show actors, writers and directors in Central London last weekend for the official launch of the show’s fourth season on BBC1. The group offered glimpses into the inner workings of the popular sci-fi franchise.

After viewing the new season’s first two episodes, Tennant, Tate and show runner Russell T. Davies fielded questions about Doctor Who‘s future. This will be the show’s last full season before taking a part-time hiatus with just three 90-minute specials next year.

Will Davies be back to executive produce? Will Tennant give way to Doctor No. 11? Is a feature film in the works, considering the show’s massive appeal since returning to TV?

And, as more of a hard-core fan query, will Davros (evil creator of the Daleks) return to the show this season? More importantly, are rumors true that a major star like Sir Ben Kingsley is in position to play him?

Answers start materializing this Saturday on BBC1 — and probably on BitTorrent, LimeWire and YouTube soon afterward.

Sir Ben Kingsley‘s name has been bandied about for almost a year now as playing Davros, the creator of the Daleks. If anything, it’s a sign that Davies is desperate (once again) for ideas and bringing all of the old creations back.

We saw this in Peter Davison and Colin Baker‘s eras where the program was rife with old ideas as these actors struggled to make their mark in the role. In the opinion of many, it hampered the program and kept it from growing. If you look at the most creative periods of Doctor Who, they have nothing to do with Daleks, Cybermen or any other old creations. For instance, the Philip Hinchcliffe era featuring the introduction of Tom Baker to the role had almost no previous creations in it (aside from the Barry Letts-influenced first season) and is lauded by fans for some of the best stories of the program’s history.

So far the best episodes of this new Doctor Who have not been the Dalek or Cybermen stories, but the two parter ‘Empty Child/The Doctor Dances,’ ‘Girl in the Fireplace’ and ‘Blink.’ What the program needs is more of these kinds of episodes… wait… aren’t those all Steven Moffat creations?

Season 4 of Doctor Who premieres this Saturday 4/5 on BBC1.


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