Doctor Who Minimates

It had to happen, didn’t it?

At this year’s Toy Fair, the attendees were treated to an early preview of the upcoming Art Asylum Minimates released by Underground Toys based on the new Doctor Who series.

From the Doctor and Martha to all the aliens including The Cybermen, this series should take off like gangbusters. Action Figure Insider has the full scoop.

Doctor Who Minimates

Designs were also shown for a minimate based on Doctor #9, Christopher Eccleston. It’s a great design, down to the short hair, facial expression and the buttons on his leather coat!

Doctor #9 Minimate

In addition, the off-Broadway start of the spin-off program Torchwood, John Barrowman’s Captain Jack, will be immortalized in 2 inch plastic as well (they even replicated his over-quaffed hair!).

If there’s a lil’ Owen in the future, he’s mine!

Captain Jack Minimate

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