Kurt Busiek writes DC Comics’ Trinity… plus other news

Another weekly comic book series from DC Comics? It looks that way.

Superman/Batman 15 by Carlos PachecoWord is that the co-creator of Astro City (and writer of the under-rated Aquaman series) is joined by Ultimate Spider-Man artist Mark Bagley on the new weekly showcase series that features the ‘Big Three’ of Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman.

While this sounds interesting, to be frank I was shocked by this tidbit:

To make room for the massive project, Busiek is leaving “Superman” following #675 to be replaced by popular British scribe James Dale Robinson (“The Golden Age” and “Starman”).

Not only did I forget that the co-creator of the excellent Starman series was still alive (shame on me), but I had no idea he was using his middle name these days.

Maybe I should start using mine again? But Hildebrandt has a mixed reaction.

Seriously, I know that I am not alone in my extreme fanboy love for Starman which was printed at just the right time to bring new excitement to super hero comics in a novel way. Robinson is sure to bring new readers to Superman and I hope continue the wave of greatness that Busiek and Pacheco brought to the title (Not only was Camelot Falls a great storyline, but it featured Arion!).

I wait with a bated subscription.

As soon as the title ‘Trinity’ was announced, there has been speculation that it is tied into the rumored Godlike status of the Big Three superheros of Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman. Bu t scribe Busiek put that rumor to rest:

“Clearly, Superman is the father, Wonder Woman is son and Batman is the Holy Ghost,” laughed Busiek. “Yes, first we will start with the ‘Song of Solomon’ but it will be the ‘Sound of Solomon Grundy.’

“No, ‘Death of the New Gods’ is one of the series that is leading into ‘Final Crisis.’ ‘Trinity’ is not ‘Final Crisis’ related. It is a relatively self-contained story that follows its own track. It’s part of the DC Universe, but it’s not one thread in the giant plot structure that is a big event. It is its own story. It has a beginning, a middle and an ending. There will be repercussions, yes. It has new characters that are introduced that I sure hope will spin off into their own mini-series or series or things like that, but it’s not leading to ‘Final Crisis 2: This Time It’s Personal.’

Since his debut in the pages of JLA, I’ve been a huge Kurt Busiek fan. I’m very curious to see how this new series pans out.


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