Wonder Woman Day II

Drawing by Greg MoutafisSensational Wonder Woman Day II
October 28, 2007 in Portland Raises Over $24,000 For Local Shelters and Crisis Line And New Jersey Event Raises Over $3,000 For Local Shelter All-Star Art Auction and Huge All Ages Crowd Make Event A Success!

Portland, Oregon, November 7, 2007

America’s most famous super-heroine was the star at the second annual “Wonder Woman Day” event. After world-wide coverage, the event expanded to two communities this year, concurrently held on October 28th at Excalibur Comics in Portland, Oregon and Comic Fusion
in New Jersey. The free all-ages event in Portland, organized by best-selling author Andy Mangels, included a trio of comic book creators signing Wonder Woman comics, as well as a silent art auction with over 100 of the world’s top artists contributing original art, plus raffles, costumes, rare memorabilia, and more. The Mayor of Portland, Oregon, even declared it “Wonder Woman Day” in Portland!

Drawing by Fred HembeckIn the aftermath of the event, the total amount raised was determined, with 100% of all monies going to two of Portland’s most protective women and children’s shelters and the local crisis line Raphael House of Portland, Bradley-Angle House, and Portland Women’s Crisis Line. The total raised was over $24,000! Jessica Elkan, Director of Development of Raphael House of Portland note that, “Andy Mangels and his event ‘Wonder Woman Day II’ at Excalibur Comics was a huge success. This year Raphael House of Portland had a 50% increase in the number of safe bed nights in our shelter. Because of Mr. Mangels and his dedication to providing a safe haven for all people we are able to continue to serve those in need.”

Continuing, Elkan says, “For the second year in a row Mr. Mangels has provided a forum for both fundraising and awareness for Raphael House. October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month and spreading the word about domestic violence is critical to this movement. It is amazing to see the vast network of comic book artists and admirers come together from around the world to support domestic violence services in the Portland community. This year art contributors were from Europe, South America, Canada, the Phillipines, and America, and auction bidders were from all over, including Germany, Canada and the UK. Mr. Mangels is putting Portland on the map as a community that speaks out against domestic violence.

Drawing by Neil Vokes

Drawing by Steve RudeFacts: Wonder Woman Day II was one of the most successful charity fundraisers in the history of the comic book medium. It was also the first time in her 66-year history that Wonder Woman had a governmentally-recognized “Wonder Woman Day,” thanks to Tom Potter, the Mayor of Portland. The producer of the “Wonder Woman Day” event was Andy Mangels, a best-selling author and DVD documentary director. “I’m staggered at the support the event had from creators and from fans,” he says. “The event itself was thrilling, with costumes and fun, and attendees who had come from Seattle and Las Vegas! There were lots of kids around who saw that comics could be fun for them, and not only was a tremendous amount of money raised, but so was the profile and message of the two shelters and the crisis line.”

Mangels credits a supportive comic community for the spectacular auction. “With over 150 pieces of original art, the event was a literal museum of comic book stars. The creators signing — Phil Jimenez, Gail Simone, and Anne Timmons– all had a great time, and sketched and chatted with the fans. And to be officially recognized for the event by the Mayor was a thrill! Wonder Woman’s message has always been about peace, honesty, and equality for everyone. It’s sensational that so many people heard that message! ”

Drawing by Paul GuinanConcurrent with the lead Portland event, a second Wonder Woman Day celebration took place on October 28th in Flemington, NJ, at Comic Fusion. This East Coast event benefitted Safe in Hunterdon, a domestic violence shelter in New Jersey. This event raised over $3000! Comic Fusion store co-owner Stacy Korn says, “The Charity, our volunteers and our wonderful sketch artists made sure that everyone left the event with a smile! Our artists: Glenn Williams, Javier Cruz Winnick and Chris Muller delighted fans with on the spot sketches! People who arrived in costume won very cool prizes, and the the end of the day when we pulled the drawing tickets there were many squeals of joy! A fun day was had by all and we raised over $3,000 for SAFE in Hunterdon!”

Representing the domestic violence shelter SAFE in Hunterdon, Melissa Decker says, “SAFE in Hunterdon would like to thank Comic Fusion, all the artists who donated sketches and time on Wonder Woman Day, and everyone who contributed to raising over $3,000 for families seeking services through SAFE in Hunterdon.

Every year, we receive several thousands of calls on our Hotline, we offer safe housing to approximately 120 women and children, and we provide immediate crisis intervention to more than 100 victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. This was a fun and exciting event that will help us keep our services free and confidential for survivors. We definitely look forward to working with Comic Fusion again in the future and being involved with this day next year.”

Speaking of next year, a date has been chosen for Wonder Woman Day III: October 26, 2008. Prior to that, Andy Mangels will have a new historical book out, The Wonder Woman Companion, from TwoMorrows Publishing. “Once more, I want to thank everyone who contributed art or merchandise to the event this year, in Portland and New Jersey, and to all the auction bidders and attendees,” says Mangels. “This Wonder Woman Day raised knowledge, raised over $27,00 for the shelters and crisis line, and showed that everyone involved has a super-hero inside of them!”

The contributors to the Art Auction and raffles are included below.

Scans of all art and photos of contributed items and photos from the event will remain on display at www.wonderwomanmuseum.com

TOP 15 BIDS (Portland)
While most pieces went for around $50-200, here are the top 15 pieces and their winning bid prices:
Alex Ross $6,300
Adam Hughes $4,200
Brian Williamson $550
Gary Frank $500
John Byrne $480
Glen Orbik $450
Jaime Hernandez $380
Matt Wagner $351
Guy Davis $300
Mike Pascale (poem) $300
Al Rio $295
Stephane Roux $280
John Lustig $250
Anne Timmons $235
Tim Fish $235

TOP 5 BIDS (New Jersey)
Here are the top 5 pieces and their winning bid prices:
Terry Moore $225
Franchesco $200
Paige Braddock $160
Allison Sohn $135
Jim Lee WW $135

Artists contributing include such award-winning graphic art luminaries as Adam Hughes (Wonder Woman), Alex Ross (Justice, Kingdom Come), John Byrne (Superman, X-Men), Matt Wagner (Grendel, Mage), Gilbert Hernandez (Love & Rockets), Jaime Hernandez (Love & Rockets), Jim Lee (All-Star Batman), Mike Grell (Green Arrow), Terry Moore (Strangers in Paradise), and Jan Eliot (Stone Soup comic strip). Additional art contributions showcase the incredible talents of Aaron Sowd, Acir Galvao, Adam Dekraker, Al Bigley, Alfredo Lopez, Al Rio, Alex Saviuk, Alexandre Tso, Alfredo Lopez Jr, Allison Sohn, Amy Pronovost, Andres Ponce, Andy Smith, Anne Timmons, Anthony Tan, Ariel Padilla, Aries Mendoza, Art Baltazar, Bill Maus, Bill Tucci, Bonkz Seriosa, Brian Williamson, Brock Heasley, Cat Staggs, Chris Dibari, Christopher Muller, Colleen Coover, Craig Rousseau, Dan Burgonos, Dan Parent, Daniel Crosier, Daniel Hdr, Dave Gutierrez, Dave Hoover, David Chelsea, David Mancos, Dean Haspiel, Diane Carroll, Don Perlin, Doug Baron, Eduardo Pansica, Elvis Moura, Eric Wolfe Hanson, Evan Bryce, Franchesco, Fred Hembeck, Gary Frank, Glen Hanson, Glen Orbik, Glenn Whitmore, Greg Moutafis, Guilherme Balbi Borba, Guy Davis, Howard Bender, Howard Simpson, Ivan Velez Jr., J.A. Fludd, Jake Minor, Jamal Igle, James Bukauskas, James Fiorentio, Janet Hetherington, Jason Baroody, Jason Metcalf, Javier Cruz Winnik, Jeremy McHugh, Jerry Carr, Jessica Hickman, Jim Jimenez, Jim Mahfood, Jim Valentino, Joan Reilly, Joe Staton, John Heebink, John Lustig, John Painz, John Watson, Jon Racimo, Jona Tan, Jose Weingartner Jr, Julius Gopez, Karen Ellis, Katie Cook, Keith Tucker, Ken Branch, Ken Haeser, Kevenn T. Smith, Khoi Pham, Kris Dresen, Kristen Mccabe, Leif Jones, Lui Antonio, Marat Mychaels, Marcus To, Mark Bloodworth, Mark Padilla, Mark Robinson, Michael Bair, Michael L. Peters, Michael Parla, Michael T. Gilbert, Mike Cavallaro, Mike Collins, Mike Pascale, Mike Vosburg, Neil Vokes, Oliver Nome, Paige Braddock, Paul Guinan, Paul T. Gould, Paul Taylor, Phil Hester, Phil Jimenez, Quincy Mata, Ray Caspio, Rich A. Molinelli, Rich Woodall, Richard Howell, Rob Kramer, Roberta Gregory, Rodney Buchemi, Roger Medeiros, Rogerio De Souza, Ronn Sutton, Scott Christian Sava, Scott Rosema, Shawn McManus, Simon Fraser, Stephane Roux, Steve Lieber, Steve Rude, Steven Gordon, Tim Fish, Tim Hamilton, Todd Herman, Tod Smith, Tom Hodges, Tyler Kirkham, Tyler Richlen, Uko Smith, and Voltaire!

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