Diabolikal Super-Kriminal

diabolikBuilding on the reputation of pulp super criminals such as Fantomas and Dr. Mabuse (and later Diabolik), Sadistik was the first attempt at a photonovel (called Fumetti by some) that used sex and violence as its pull.

Created in 1962, Sadistik is a mysterious master criminal who possesses skills in both thieving and killing. So… he’s kind of like an evil Batman on drugs.

Banned in many countries, a documentary has been released oversees telling the story of the character, his creators and Sadistik‘s co-stars entitled Diabolikal Super-Kriminal.

So far it’s getting rave reviews and hopefully will warrant a domestic release.


Personally, I’m more of a Johnny Straight Lace when it comes to comics and this looks to be pretty wild. But since it is so rare and out of left field, I figured I’d let you readers in on it.


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