The Batman’s Stan Berkowitz

Writer Stan Berkowitz was the subject of an interview with World’s Finest where he described some of his problems working on the new series.

“I wrote my first script for ‘The Batman‘ in early 2006 (the Riddler origin story), and writing it was exactly like writing any ‘Batman’ episode. No difference whatsoever. After that season, though, the network focus-grouped ‘The Batman’ (and ‘Legion of Super Heroes’) and found out that what our very young male audience wanted was more fights, jokes and costumes and fewer female characters.”No surprises there, but for some reason, I had an incredibly difficult time adjusting to these new imperatives when I was working on the Green Arrow story for the show’s 07-08 season. The script generated endless notes from just about everyone, and it wasn’t finished until 15 minutes before it was due to be recorded. Not the way I like to work.

“Before starting on the next script, I asked Alan Burnett if I could see Len Uhley’s Hal Jordan/Green Lantern script for the show, and once I read it, I had a much better sense of the tone the network wanted. I guess the point is, it comes more naturally for me to write for a slightly older audience. But you can’t deny the value of focus groups; the kids will always tell you what they want and don’t want, and if you pay attention, they’ll watch your show.”

An episode devoted to Oliver Queen AND an episode all about Hal Jordan?

Sounds like Batman Season Five will be a very fun ride!

The new season premiers September 22nd… set your TiVo.

3 thoughts on “The Batman’s Stan Berkowitz

  1. Dude, I’d reall appreciate a smart riddler. Not the computer hacker he’s degenerated into. His compulsive obsession with riddles is barely present, and not to complain to much but season five sux!!! Use the classic villains and pit one or two against each other like the comic used to do. Villains have no boundries so it should bring in ratings if that’s what you want.


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