Star Trek – New Voyages

You gotta love the 21st Century.

Only in the age where fans are skilled enough to make the programs they love would a project as elaborate as this get done. Star Trek: The New Voyages is a message to Hollywood that if you do not provide entertainment worth the public’s time, your public will just make it themselves.

It’s also a direct lift from the Talking Heads ‘More Songs About Buildings and Food’ in which David Byrne urges his listeners to make TV rather than just sit and watch it.

And it’s pretty damned cool.

Taking place directly after the end of Season Three of the Classic Star Trek series, the New Voyages is a collaborative effort put up by fans in Ohio in their spare time.

CBS Morning News Piece 7/30/07

The love and dedication put forth in the series has been so powerful that it attracted the attention of Star Trek scribe DC Fontana, actors Walter Koenig, George Takei and Denise Crosby who have all contributed to The New Voyages. Additionally, top notch make-up experts and visual effects wizards have donated their time to work on the not for profit saga.

I’ve just never heard of anything like this.

‘World Enough And Time’ trailer

The goal is to develop an entire year of programming to build upon the legacy of Star Trek already developed by Roddenberry and others. With a new Star Trek film looking to leech off of the nostalgia craze currently in vogue in the Entertainment Industry, it’s more than a little heartening to see that the average Joe, armed with just determination, charisma and a LOT of free time can compete with the big boys.

‘In Harm’s Way’ part one

The series features a cast of experienced and green actors often working alongside the actors who inspired them into the project in the first place. This has to be the most bizarre and inspired productions I have ever heard of.

Episodes can be downloaded for free from their site,

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