Green Arrow – Supermax

Green ArrowDavid Goyer (Blade, JSA) recently conformed that he is working on a Magneto screenplay as well as another project called ‘Supermax.’

Taking place in a maximum security prison for super powered villains, the script follows the adventures of its hero Green Arrow fighting his way out.

The script is still in development, but could easily play on the interest generated in the character since he appeared on Smallville and my mom called me up asking who Green Arrow was.

(these youtube tribute vids are very odd… aren’t they?)

A quick-witted bowman with amazing archery skills, Green Arrow was basically a Batman clone with arrows until he was revamped by Bob Haney and Neal Adams into the bearded bowman we know today.

After a stint on the road to rediscover America with square galactic cop Green Lantern, he rejoined the Justice League of America in the 70’s. Looking for a purpose to give Green Arrow, the writers decided that he should take on the role of the loud mouthed liberal in the super group. It makes sense given that not only was he a former businessman turned pauper but being surrounded by men and women capable of tearing apart cars with their bare hands, he acted as a kind of conscience for the team.

After a very long stint in comic book limbo, Green Arrow returned in a series written by popular filmmaker Kevin Smith. Smith brought his great love for the character to the series along with his high-profile star power, turning the series into a blockbuster success for the first time since the 60’s.

Bruce Timm included Green Arrow in his Justice League Unlimited cartoon series as a kind of action hero meets Star Trek’s Doctor McCoy. The character was so popular with writers that he practically took over the series.

Whatever the fate of this unusual script, I think its intentions are good. I trust Goyer‘s instincts and feel that a hero fighting a prison full of super villains armed with gimmick arrows would be a huge boost to the character’s reputation.

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