New Doctor Who…?

Christmas Doctor Who To Feature Felicity Kendall
Written by Monkey Woods of The
Story written: 10 August 2007The Head of BBC Entertainment has said in a statement, that more ex-celebrities have been invited to star in the exciting new Christmas Doctor Who episode.

Already, Catherine Tate has been signed up to play the Doctor, and former Neighbours star Aussie Kylie Minogue , because of her size, will appear as a Dalek.

Now, Felicity Kendall of The Good Life fame will also be included in the show as a senile, but somehow sexy, old wellingtons-clad environmentalist lady who helps the Doctor to save the planet from destruction by polluters.

Kendall‘s character, Barbara, and her husband Tom, played by Richard Briers, practise home self-sufficiency and have dug up both their front and back gardens, tending fruit and vegetables, and growing pigs and chickens.

Their world is turned upside down when nosey neighbours complain that they are too “earthy”, and the local Council tells them they must cease their green practices immediately, and buy everything they need from a nearby supermarket chain.

Tate, as the Doctor, arrives, and the trio fight the Forces of Evil in a bid to save the planet from “almost certain” environmental disaster in the forms of Global Change and Climate Warming.

Photo by Mark Young – “Who on Earth is Tom Baker” book signing: 1996

Tom Baker appears in a minor role as one of the pesky next door neighbours, but dies a hideous death when he is crushed by a giant parsnip.

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