The Batpod

Designed by Nathan Crowley, the same man behind the tank meets race car ‘Batmobile’ from Batman Begins’ (pictured below), has designed the ‘Batpod’ for the upcoming ‘The Dark Knight’ film.

Driven by stunt rider Jean-Pierre Goy (the stunt cyclist from the Bond film, ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’), the unique vehicle is tricked out with grappling hooks, cannons and machine guns. Both front and rear tires measure in at a an impressive 508 millimeters with engines located in the hubs of each wheel. Armored shoulder sleeves provide the steering in a kind of ‘lean’ directional system rather than traditional handlebars.

A difficult bike to even sit on (as evidenced on the video footage below), the rider lays on his belly with feet 3 1/2 feet apart.

This is a sure indication that there are some thrilling chase scenes in the sequel out next Summer.

More news as it comes…

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