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Peter Frampton has reportedly signed on to compose the original soundtrack for the hotly anticipated new Eric Roberts mystery dramiller, Candelpin (or Candlepin).

Why not celebrate by sending someone a Framptongram and discovering if they ‘feel like you do’?

Candelpin (or Candlepin)

Candelpin (or Candlepin)

Candlepin (or Candelpin)

is the latest mystery action flick from Golan Globus Productions starring Eric Roberts as Sir Candelpin (or Candlepin), a hard as nail detective striving to make a difference in Edwardian Chicago. Upcoming starlet Matthew McConaughey plays the villainous Hon. Glen Frankenberry, corrupt peanut farmer. 6a00d834555dcb69e201761554f3e0970c-800wi


Set against the backdrop of class warfare and the peanut industry, this no-holds-barred movie raises the bar for Roberts/McConaughey films.

Follow it on twitter: #candelpin or #candlepin (correct spelling legal case pending)


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