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New 52 Futures End #1 (Ryan Sook Regular Cover), $2.99
Saga Of The Swamp Thing Volume 6 TP, $19.99
Swamp Thing #31, $2.99

DC Batman Automobilia Figurine Collection Magazine #32 (Legends Of The Dark Knight #64), $20.00
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Annihilation Omnibus HC, $125.00
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Fire HC, $19.99
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Loki Agent Of Asgard #4, $2.99
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Miracleman #5 (Alan Davis Regular Cover), $4.99
Moon Knight #3 (Declan Shalvey Regular Cover), $3.99
Punisher #5, $3.99
She-Hulk #4, $2.99
Uncanny X-Men Volume 3 The Good The Bad The Inhuman HC (Premiere Edition), $24.99

Famous Monsters Of Filmland #265 (Hobbit Cover), $9.99

Godzilla Light And Sound Miniature Book Kit SC, $12.95

DCU Son Of Batman BD + DVD, AR
Visitor BD, AR


Avengers 6-Inch All Star Action Figure Assortment 201401, AR
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Happy Valentine’s Day

In honor of the day of leurve, here are two mini-entries. One is an excerpt from the DP tumblr feed (you are following, I hope!).

This is one of a set Batman Valentine’s Day cards released in the 1960’s. It’s good to know that they were carefully preserved and not given to anyone. Phew!


Additionally, here’s a time honored song in three parts from the Marx Brothers film, Horse Feathers. Zeppo, Chico and Groucho all join in singing their own version of the melody. Even Harpo whistles up a ditty to a special someone.


I wish all of my readers a Happy Valentine’s Day and if you are without a valentine tonight, and someone asks, just tell them it’s me and they’ll be duly impressed. DPValentines

Doctor Who- Animal


DrWho_BF_AnimalLost Story 2.05
Written by Andrew Cartmell (from a story by Ben Aaronovitch) Directed by Ken Bentley
Released June 2011

The TARDIS lands in the near future of 2001, much to the annoyance of Ace and the bemusement of the Doctor. The U.N.I.T. forces are anticipating the arrival of the time travelers and Brigadier Winifred Bambera (last seen in the Season 26 opener Battlefield). The Doctor is curious about what is going on within the walls of Margrave University, which U.N.I.T. has under close security. A mysterious revolutionary force threatens the university from within, prompting both Raine and Ace to go undercover. Man-eating plants and revolutionary idealists are the least of the Doctor’s worries, however. Not far off an alien vessel is watching and things are about to get much more complicated.

The ‘lost’ 27th Season is a bit of a muddied mess, but at least with Cartmell and Bentley at the helm they are consistent and fit within the tone of the previous transmitted year’s worth of adventures. There is a healthy dose of humor, action, social commentary and convoluted narratives (or plans within plans) that place this adventure on equal footing with the preceding two years’ worth of stories. McCoy and Aldred are in fine form and relative newcomer Beth Chalmers is a welcome addition as the upper class safe cracker Raine Creevy. The chemistry between the three performers is so good that it is frustrating that we never got to see it on screen, but this is a close approximation.

The plot of Animal is more than a bit ropy as it turns from the revolutionary cell thread to the man-eating monsters to an entirely different threat from the unfortunately named Numlocks. Summoned by the revolutionaries, the Numlocks appear to be benevolent creatures seeking to free the research subjects of Margrave University, but of course are far from harmless. The first half of Animal sets up the dilemma of an alien race offering a peaceful solution to the carnivorous and harmful race quite well, but the resolution is far too pat and convenient for its own good.

While I was disappointed by the logic of Animal, the dialog was inspired in places, especially when Raine realizes her father (who had been established cleverly in two stories) has died by 2001. In her moment of shock, the Doctor presents a calming message regarding the passage of time and the place of the travelers within that stream. It’s a very touching scene made all the more poignant by the inability of either Raine and Ace to understand. Only the Doctor, a being whose life has been an aimless journey through time and space, is capable of perceiving the rich tapestry of time.


Doctor Who – Animal can be ordered from The Book Depository with free shipping worldwide by clicking on the link below:

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Avenger’s World


Thoughts and Speculations on Avenger’s World

By guest writer Zeno

This is a spoiler filled article. Read Avenger’s World 1 first.

Johanthan Hickman’s Avenger’s World is meant to be a jumping off point for new readers. The story itself goes back to plot threads from Hickman’s pre-Infinity issues. It started with Pods.


In the early issues we met a character called Ex-Nihilo. He is what is known as a Gardener. He tried to create new life on the planetary scale. Each pod appears represents a different aspect of life. Without going in to the details. Certain of these pods were destroyed before the Infinity story and some still exist. This article will only deal with Consciousness, Self-Defense, Evolution and Reproduction. In this issue there are three different missions going on at three difference locations.

Each is related to one or more of these evolution pods. Each will be discussed.
1. Mandripoor

One group is at Mandripoor. This is mission is related to the Reproduction Pod. The Pod was confiscated by the Hand when it feel in Japan. In Avenger Volume 5 issue 4 we hear that despite the around the pod being quaranited the Hand,led by Gorgon escaped. Shang-Chi is personally infiltrating the Hand base in this issue while the rest of the group is patrolling the island. We discover near the end of the issue that gorgon is using the pods in conjunction with his powers to turn the entire island into a living dragon. Gorgon’s power is turning living beings to stone. Just like his mythical counterparts. However here is doing the opposite. He is transforming land into a living being.

Since this is a reproduction pod and since the legend was that the island may have a part of a dragon,we can assume the pod is allowing him to recreate the creature who once lived.

2. AIM Island

The second time is at AIM Island. We know from issue 17 that Aim captured the Self Defense creature who came from the pod of the same name. Therefore we can guess he plays a part in this story. SHIELD has discovered that the seismic activity is from the acceleration of the Earth’s ecology. This however comes from the pod that was found in Canada and that affected Validator. This was seen in Avengers 10. It seems in some way to be working with the AIM’s Self Defense Pod. The details of all this working are still not clear.

3. Italy

In Italy people in a small town have disappeared. What is going on during this mission is less certain but I will speculate. Since all of the occurrences deal with pods it seems a reasonable guess that this plot thread/mission does also. The pod that seems to be working here is the Consciousness Pod. This pod was supposedly destroyed back in Avengers 9. However either the pieces were self aware and came back or it was somehow put back together. Their are good reason to believe that this is the Pod operating. First that pod was in Croatia,which is clear closer to Italy than any of the others. Secondly the object communicates with Star Brand who is the one who can hear it. This is because is Star Brand’s power comes from the same source as the pods. Secondly it transports the heroes the old city of the dead. This is poetic for a object that was thought destroyed. Star Brand also accidentaly destroyed it while it tried to communicate with,which it is doing in this issue. It is still not clear if this pod acting alone or with the other three pods mentioned earlier. It certainly seems possible. As for the other pods it is not quite clear what role they will serve in this story.


Hickman’s Avenger’s World is a interesting story but it requires background knowledge from many issues in the last year. Hopefully this brief article will help new readers with understanding the meaning of the events. The next article on this will deal with more speculation. Particularly regarding the design seen at the beginning of the issues.

MST3K Turkey Day makes bombastic return in 2013

From as far back as the first Turkey Day marathon I watched almost non-stop 30 hours of bad movies (I think I passed out during Catalina Caper) in 1991, I have been a devoted fan of MST3K. Sadly, the program is no longer on the air and what was once a time-honored tradition is a thing of the misty beleaguered past.

Until now!

MST3K-joel EW is pleased to announce that MST3K creator Joel Hodgson is hopping on board the Satellite of Love once again to program the return of Turkey Day. Shout! Factory, who have been doing a stellar job putting out MST3K on DVD, is helping to celebrate the show’s 25th anniversary with a Turkey Day Marathon, curated and hosted by Hodgson. Beginning at Noon Eastern on Thanksgiving Day, fans will be able to log on to for six glorious, classic, Sampo-filled episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000.mst3k-mike-and-the-bots_p

Can – a documentary

CanMonsterMovieAlbumCoverThe ground breaking experimental rock group from Germany, Can has a unique and tremendously influential sound that has transcended generations of listeners and musicians. From the calming and melodic tempo of one track to the screeching nonsense-speak of Damo Suzuki in the next, there’s just nothing else around like it.

The varied backgrounds of its individual members and their totally divergent approaches to music fuse into a soundscape that is entirely new yet partly established… just in different genres or regions. It’s word/funk/jazz/electronic/rock from another dimension.

Unfamiliar with their work? Well luckily there’s this awesome documentary I can direct you to.

Via the excellent blog Biblioklept

Doctor Who Lost and Found – UPDATE

There is finally some solid news on the long standing rumor of lost Doctor Who stories being found. At the moment, the BBC has revealed that two Troughton episodes were discovered and will be streamed online (which I believe leaves out the average US fan) but there may be more to come… maybe much more… or maybe nothing at all.

moonbase1It often sucks to be a Whovian. Imagine waiting months on end for something new and then seeing a reunion of all the living Doctor Who actors in a Coronation Street mash-up. It can really really suck.

But for the time being we are getting two new Troughton episodes… and that is huge!

Via RadioTimes:

In what looks set to be the best 50th birthday present fans could imagine, missing episodes of Doctor Who will be made available for sale to the public this week.

BBC Worldwide will put the previously lost episodes from different stories – both believed to be from the Patrick Troughton era – for sale on digital platforms such as iTunes from Wednesday, understands.

They are believed to originate from a haul discovered in Africa and have been digitally remastered for sale, although exact details remain sketchy.

A BBC Worldwide spokesman refused to officially confirm the discovery or the “speculation” around further missing episodes.

It is understood that other episodes have also been found, although it is not yet known whether these will be made available.

The existence of a cache of lost Doctor Who episodes has long been rumoured, although in June the BBC suggested that no tapes existed.

Asked by if there were around 90 missing episodes from the 1960s a BBC statement said: “There are always rumours and speculation about Doctor Who missing episodes being discovered – however we cannot confirm any new finds.”

A spokeswoman added: “We can’t confirm because it’s not true, as far as I’m aware.”

BBC Worldwide has confirmed it will syndicate the 50th anniversary episode, The Day of the Doctor, simultaneously to more than 75 countries across the world on 23 November.

• 106 episodes are currently known to be missing from the BBC archive
• 62 from Patrick Troughton’s era as the second Doctor

(Click here for a full list)

The missing stories are varied. Troughton’s era was hit the hardest by the junking which has traditionally left a large gap in the knowledge base of fans, one since filled by novels, audio recordings and telesnaps. Anything recovered from the Troughton era is a boon. Regarded as the most experimental era of the program, it reads as practically the same invasion/base under siege story from week to week with limited variations. However, once you can see how these stories were achieved with the psychedelic imagery, electronic music and haunting monsters.

Click here to visit the artist's site

Click here to visit the artist’s site

Ask any classic Who fan and they can tell you that many of the most important stories of Doctor Who are part of this era and include Power of the Daleks, the first story to show the Doctor change into a new persona, Evil of the Daleks which is regarded as one of the best Dalek stories ever made, The Abominable Snowmen which saw the introduction of the Yeti and the Web of Fear which has one complete episode, the first, and not only continues the Yeti story but also introduces the Brigadier (them Colonel) Lethbridge-Stewart. Fury from the Deep featured the first use of the sonic screwdriver (then a simple pen light) and also some totally insane visuals.

So what can we expect on Wednesday? Only time will tell but it will be a big day for Doctor Who fans waiting to see these gems for a very very long time.

Recommended reading:

Wiped! Doctor Who’s Missing Episodes

A Cold Night’s Death (1973)


Something has happened at the Tower Mountain Research Station. A strange transmission was followed by radio silence. Experiments were underway using chimpanzees to investigate the psychological strain of astronauts experience in space. A pair of researchers were sent up to clear up the confusion and what they find is both horrifying and bizarre. The audio recordings that they find tell of conversations with Caesar, Nero and other famous historical figures, leading both men to believe the sole scientist isolated in the wintry wastes had gone insane.

Starring Robert Culp (of Outer Limits, I Spy and numerous other TV appearances) and Eli Wallach (likewise prolific actor of the cinema from the The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and small screen, Wallach is best known to me for his role as Mr Freeze of the 1966 Batman TV series) in a stage-like two handed performance, A Cold Night’s Death is claustrophobic at all times. As viewers we are given one half of a riddle and left to solve it, just like the two left to investigate the happenings on the research station. However, details are scarce and we are left watching the pair of friends slowly go mad.

After establishing that the test subjects are intact, the two men scour the base to find their predecessor only to find him frozen to death, apparently by allowing the heating system to turn off and leaving the window open. But odd things start to happen the longer the new arrivals remain. They blame each other at first for misplaced supplies or a coffee cup moved out of place, but soon the occurrences start to get serious. Dr. Enri (Wallach) is aware that Dr. Jones (Culp) is slowly losing his mind as he delves deeper into the research papers left behind by the previous researcher. But Jones is going deeper into the rabbit hole that swallowed his predecessor’s mind… and it is starting to make sense to him.

Along with the stellar cast, the direction and experimental soundtrack add to the feeling of discomfort that runs throughout the story. Presented as an ABC movie of the week back in 1973, this must have made many viewers shiver in fear. It is also a clear influence on John Carpenter’s The Thing. Back in the day, this kind of entertainment was commonplace for TV drama, which strove to stir up the family with unnerving tales of horror and suspense (much like Night Gallery and to an extent the Twilight Zone had). But the tone and feeling of this film is what makes is stand out enough for me to recommend it to my readers.
standard (1) standard

Unavailable on DVD, A Cold Night’s Death is uploaded on YouTube where you can also find some other oddities from the 1970’s.

Doctor Who – Mastermind


Click to order

Click to order

Story 8.01
Written by Jonathan Morris, directed by Ken Bentley
Released: July 2013
The Vault is a top secret repository for many of the strange and unexplained artifacts that U.N.I.T. has collected over the many years that it has been in operation defending the Earth from alien invasion. When they were last seen in ‘Tales From the Vault, Warrant Officer Charlie Sato and Captain Ruth Matheson unraveled a complex alien plot that had been in the works for ages using bits of archival material from the Doctor’s many companions. Fans were hopeful that Sato and Matheson would return (played as they were by Daphne Ashbrook and Yee Jee Tso who had starred opposite he Eighth Doctor played by Paul McGann in the 1996 TV Movie. Brimging them back was a challenge for Jonathan Morris, but he had a trick up his sleeve, the only living prisoner in the Vault, that devious Time Lord known as the Master.

Like many fans of the classic series, I had discounted Geoffrey Beevers as the Master as he appeared in only one story (The Keeper of Traken), covered in makeup. His successor Anthony Ainley was much more fondly remembered. However, when I reviewed The Keeper of Traken, I noticed that Beevers gave a superb performance and really added that necessary bit of evil-ness to the character using little more than his voice and his hands (restricted as he was by the costume and makeup). When Beevers returned to play the Master in ‘Dust Breeding‘, ‘Master,’ ‘Trail of the White Worm,’ and ‘The Oseidon Adventure,’ he really shined. As the only living actor to play the part from the classic series, Big Finish has made good use out of Beevers, but this time he got to stretch into other roles and add new facets to the Master, reminding listeners why he is the most fiendish villain of all.


Geoffrey Beevers as The Master

In Mastermind, Sato is astonished when he finds an ornate grandfather clock which promptly goes off, which puts into motion a series of events that Captain Matheson is all too familiar with. Every five years, the clock goes off and the prisoner awakens. There is a precise process in dealing with the prisoner as he is known to have incomparable mesmeric abilities. Appearing as a withered and scorched corpse, the Master doesn’t look like much, but he has been in custody for some years and is still regarded with as much caution as when he was much younger. Sato and Matheson meet with the Master in ten minute stints to avoid becoming mesmerized, but will it be enough?

The story of Mastermind was set out to mirror Silence of the Lambs as the officers attempt to use their prisoner and in turn become pawns in his game. In searching for what happened to him before the Master was found, his captors are told a long twisting story beginning with his escape from the Time Vortex as a viscous worm, landing on Earth in the 1920’s when he took on the body of a vagrant. Measuring up the lay of the land, he soon builds a criminal empire and possesses the bodies of each offspring as his empire grows. In each body, someone would try to deter him, but to no avail until he ran a vast criminal organization from seclusion in a private penthouse removed from the public and elements alike.

There are some moments that I found a bit distracting in which the story clearly ‘borrowed’ from theatrical works such as the Godfather and Casino. However, all that was forgiven in the 11th hour when he turned his attention to Ruth Matheson and discovered her deep dark secret memory before her time with U.N.I.T. when she lost an entire battalion to a surprise attack. The Master offers to rewrite time so that no one dies, and Ruth becomes confused by the possibility, her memory split between two realities. Sato too is entranced and given a similar offer in which his father and sister survive a devastating accident that spared him as a little boy.

The conniving quality of the Master’s nature and his controlling powers are conveyed so crisply by Beever’s voice that it sent shivers down my spine. The familiar maddening cackle of the Master closes the story with an icy touch of evil setting a new standard for the character.

Highly recommended.

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